What does RNPC® mean?

The RNPC® method

RNPC means: Rééducation Nutritionnelle Psycho-Comportementale.
(Nutritional Psycho-BehaviouralReeducation).

Our goal

Support you to achieve a truly sustainable weight loss.

A customised program

The RNPC® Program

The RNPC® Program includes 3 successive phases.

Who is the RNPC® Program aimed at?

The RNPC® Program is aimed at men and women

Patient reviews

What our patients think:

  • I wish to express my satisfaction with the centre in Limas (69). I am 73 years old and went to the centre in order to lose the “belt” around my belly and to find the shape that I had about 10 years ago. I went to lose 5-6 kg and regain normal blood pressure, because it went up after becoming overweight. I met 2 lovely people, Flavie the dietician, and Sophie who is in charge of the centre. I started the very nice RNPC diet and 6 weeks later, I started the stabilisation phase. The monitoring every 2 weeks by Flavie is perfect. What professionalism. The day before yesterday I was at my doctor's, he could not believe it. The young man told me my blood pressure was 12.5 and I was back to 78 kg. Exactly what we both wanted for my health. I advise anyone who is unhappy with their weight to make an appointment with this centre. Only satisfaction and compliments. Thank you.
    Limas RNPC Centre, October 27, 2016
  • Just a year ago I met Nathalie and Marie. I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for your coaching, your support, your dedication, your kindness, your advice, your listening skills, your professionalism, your smile at every visit (and I mean it). Results: lost of 30 kg and stabilization. Everything is going well, although I know that I must continue to be vigilant. The programme is great and I encourage everyone to come to Verrieres. You will meet two people. Nathalie and Marie are always available for you. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. I can never say it enough.
    Verrières-le-buisson RNPC Centre, August 28, 2016
  • I'm all done... Since mid November when I started the adventure... I lost 10kg... And my husband 22kg, for the moment... he’s still working at it... Simply a big thank you for this coaching: so kind, without judgement, with dialogue, in a setting that seems hard at first but is easy to follow in the end (...) Valerie and Mathilde, thanks for your tips and your kindness. Menopause was difficult for me. But with everything I understand I think I won’t be able to eat as before... without having the feeling of deprivation... It’s weird how a simple awareness of these things become the turning point... Thank you, Valérie. It’s really because of you... fortunately I’ll return in a month; I still need to reassure myself to see if all is going well... The coaching at RNPC is truly their biggest strength.
    Le Pontet RNPC Centre
  • After 3 pregnancies and gaining a lot of weight each time, I began to get depressed with this body that made me ashamed. So I decided to take the plunge on 02/11/2015 and I started the adventure (on the advice of a friend who followed the programme). During the first appointment my BMI was 37.3. So I decided to reclaim my body. At the end of 2 months the results: -14kg, -13 cm around my waist and an BMI of 32.9, not to mention a great morale. No more leg pain getting up in the morning. No frustrations with a programme I followed to the letter. Varied and good tasting products. So thank you. My dietician Hanna has listened at every appointment without judging me. I strongly advise it. For the last 2 month I am alive again! I know there is still a long way to go, but I have already taken a big step. What a pleasure to hear people around me tell me that it shows. A week ago I sorted out my closet and took out clothes that I had not put on for 4 years. Thanks to the centre in Louvigny for their kindness.
    Louvigny RNPC Centre
  • It was a year ago that I opened the door of the Brest RNPC Centre. I was only 1.55 m and weighed about 99 kg... morbidly obese! The turning point happened at the first interview in Gwenaelle's office on November 27, 2015. On the 30th, I began my rehabilitation, not my diet. The results were quickly seen on the scale: no fatigue, no feelings of hunger (...). The bi-monthly meetings with Stéphanie the dietician and Gwenaelle were precious. They always listened to me and were full of advice and encouragement, building my confidence. A year later I'm in third phase of stabilization. I’ve lost 44 kg. A true Renaissance! I thank my doctor for introducing me to RNPC, my friends and colleagues who supported me for a year and Gwenaelle and Stéphanie of RNPC with whom I continue the adventure. For those who still hesitate, I tell them: for a long time I dreamed of losing weight and with the help of RNPC I managed to do it. So why not you.
    Brest RNPC Centre, December 17, 2016
  • First I wanted to thank Flavie and Sophie for their attention and professionalism. I reached my weight loss goal (-10kg) but also I was able to resume the physical activity that I missed a lot. The programme is easy to follow and the personal visits have been very important to me. I am stabilizing but still hoping to lose a few pounds. I am delighted with the result and thank you again for your kindness.
    Limas RNPC Centre
  • I started the RNPC program in April 2014 following the recommendations of my doctor because of my obesity (106.2 kilos). I started this diet without any real conviction. Telling myself that it would not work. 5 months later, I began to stabilize my weight, with a loss of 27.8 kilos. A year later, I had stabilized my weight and lost 38 kilos, without any difficulty and without cravings. I can't thank Magali, who is responsible of the centre in Rennes, along with Carole and then Aurore who are dieticians there, enough for their help, advice and support. Today (25/11/2016), I’ve maintained my weight. However, in my case, it’s important to remain vigilant and to continue to follow the advice of Aurore.
    Rennes RNPC Centre, November 28, 2016