The role of the doctor

A medical follow-up

What is the role of the GP?

The role of your doctor is essential:

After all, who knows more about your general condition, your health, your pathologies and your medical treatments than your doctor?

It is in order to guarantee you the maximum security that we believe your weight loss must be carried out according to your doctor's advice.

A medical follow-up

What our customers think:

  • I wish to express my satisfaction with the centre in Limas (69). I am 73 years old and went to the centre in order to lose the “belt” around my belly and to find the shape that I had about 10 years ago. I went to lose 5-6 kg and regain normal blood pressure, because it went up after becoming overweight. I met 2 lovely people, Flavie the dietician, and Sophie who is in charge of the centre. I started the very nice RNPC diet and 6 weeks later, I started the stabilisation phase. The monitoring every 2 weeks by Flavie is perfect. What professionalism. The day before yesterday I was at my doctor's, he could not believe it. The young man told me my blood pressure was 12.5 and I was back to 78 kg. Exactly what we both wanted for my health. I advise anyone who is unhappy with their weight to make an appointment with this centre. Only satisfaction and compliments. Thank you.
    Limas RNPC Centre, October 27, 2016
  • I regained my weight gradually and easily, doing long walks with my dog. My favourite swimwear for the pool. Joint and back pain disappeared with the pounds. What a pleasure to walk into a store without hearing that the maximum size is 44! I accept with happiness., the compliments of my doctor and my relatives on return to good shape. I worked with Inès who knew how to explain the mechanisms that lead to being overweight. It’s essential to relearning how to eat. Add in Ivan's flattering encouragements and his monthly reports to my family doctor. The results of the six winter months that I have just experienced bring both the respect and recognition from these health and well-being experts. Thank you to Inès and Ivan. I continue to see them with pleasure, (...)!
    Maxéville RNPC Centre
  • It was my doctor who offered to make an appointment with the RNPC Centre in Marsannay-La-Cote. I was not very convinced about this programme. After an interview and clear explanations, I started the weight loss phase.I went from 110kg to 89kg, a loss of 21kg in 4 months without feeling hungry. I thank my dietician for the warm welcome and encouragements that motivated me throughout the programme.
    Marsannay-La-Cote RNPC Centre
  • During an electrocardiogram, my cardiologist weighed me: 121kg. He tells me I must STOP and gives me the coordinates of the RNPC in my region, that is Louvigny, Centre. It is directed by Lionel and Sandrine who welcomed me as I am, without criticism, without second glances and offered me a weight loss plan. Thanks to the kindness of Sandrine and Lionel, I lose regularly (1 kg / week), but also I enjoy a better life, no more hip, back (lumbar) or knee pain. My blood tests, especially for the liver, are once again normal. My diabetes also became balanced. I found a good morale, more energy, and reduced my medication, in short real happiness. In total I lost 32 lbs in 8 months. Now I will start stabilizing. I invite anyone who needs to lose weight to join the RNPC Centre in their region and you won't regret it. It's like becoming 30 years younger. Thank you for this second youth.
    Louvigny RNPC Centre
  • It was a year ago that I opened the door of the Brest RNPC Centre. I was only 1.55 m and weighed about 99 kg... morbidly obese! The turning point happened at the first interview in Gwenaelle's office on November 27, 2015. On the 30th, I began my rehabilitation, not my diet. The results were quickly seen on the scale: no fatigue, no feelings of hunger (...). The bi-monthly meetings with Stéphanie the dietician and Gwenaelle were precious. They always listened to me and were full of advice and encouragement, building my confidence. A year later I'm in third phase of stabilization. I’ve lost 44 kg. A true Renaissance! I thank my doctor for introducing me to RNPC, my friends and colleagues who supported me for a year and Gwenaelle and Stéphanie of RNPC with whom I continue the adventure. For those who still hesitate, I tell them: for a long time I dreamed of losing weight and with the help of RNPC I managed to do it. So why not you.
    Brest RNPC Centre, December 17, 2016
  • Ten months ago I made a great decision to lose weight... one more time! One diet then another... and the lost pounds were added back each time, more overweight than before. So I soon found myself repeatedly deathly obese!! On the advice of my family doctor I decided, one last time, to try to make it all the way. The only difference was that, this time it was MY WILL to get there! And I got there thanks to the excellent team of the RNPC, with their expertise, kindness and a lot of discipline. Today the scale said 32kg! and I still need to lose a little more. I strongly advise you not to hesitate to visit this centre. Thanks to the whole team.
    Echirolles RNPC Centre
  • I started the programme on January 14, 2015. I am 53 years old, a "nice age for women”. At 96 kg, I could no longer continue to gain weight. My family doctor, I thank by the way, recommended the RNPC Centre in order to lose a few pounds. With blood pressure at 19.6, slight depression, pain, fatigue, it was all falling apart. I was obliged to take myself by the hand. So without much conviction I made an appointment and I started my programme. It’s March 20, 2015 and I have to this day, lost 13 kg, without restrictions, even with my lunches at the restaurant every day. No sense of loss, no cravings, no tiredness, lower blood pressure, less pain. But more than that, I want to move, to walk, I find the energy I had lost, better moods too. Thank you Sandrine who is very sympathetic, listens well and is available, Honestly it's great.
    Louvigny RNPC Centre
  • I started the RNPC program in April 2014 following the recommendations of my doctor because of my obesity (106.2 kilos). I started this diet without any real conviction. Telling myself that it would not work. 5 months later, I began to stabilize my weight, with a loss of 27.8 kilos. A year later, I had stabilized my weight and lost 38 kilos, without any difficulty and without cravings. I can't thank Magali, who is responsible of the centre in Rennes, along with Carole and then Aurore who are dieticians there, enough for their help, advice and support. Today (25/11/2016), I’ve maintained my weight. However, in my case, it’s important to remain vigilant and to continue to follow the advice of Aurore.
    Rennes RNPC Centre, November 28, 2016